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Founded on Integrity, Determination, Compassion & Excellence

In the 1920's John Birnie saw an opportunity in the newly developing city of Hamilton, Ontario, and started a sewer and cement business under the name of  John Birnie Sewer and Cement.

John Birnie Plumbing, Sewer, And Cement

The company earned a reputation for good work at a quality price and for caring about customers’ homes. In 1946 Thos. Birnie (John's Son) took on the business and put it in his name and shortly thereafter his sons (Roy Birnie & Bob Birnie) soon followed him into the business.

 Thos. R. Birnie & Sons Plumbing And Sewers


In 2000 the company was accidentally left out of the phone book and had to develop a strategy to help customers remember who to call in a STINKY situation and that's where the phone number 5-Stinky came from.

Thos R Birnie & Sons Plumbing, Sewers, Drains


In 2010 Roy and Bob's sons came into ownership with their dads. To this day, the business is still owned and operated by the Birnie family and includes other members of the family and staff that have made their careers with us.

                                                Thos.R. Birnie & Sons Plumbing and Sewers


This says everything about who we are in a nutshell:


At Thos. R. Birnie & Sons, we love what we do, and we believe in it. It’s not just plumbing to us, it's also about people!. When Thos R passed away the Hamilton Spectator wrote an article entitled, He didn't make customers, he made friends. His legacy continues on!


Come see why it's a stinky business and WE LOVE IT!!!!!


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